Moving forward on energy

Ontario needs a green, clean energy futureThe Ontario government has launched a review of its Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) with the release of a discussion paper on the plan. The LTEP will decide whether Ontario sticks with a highly centralized and rigid system of big generating plants (mostly nuclear) feeding power to distant cities and towns or whether we will move to a more flexible and responsive system that emphasizes a mix of different approaches, from putting energy conservation and efficiency first and further developing renewable power to engaging with communities in developing their own power solutions.

The government needs to hear from you on these issues because you can be sure they are hearing a lot from the nuclear industry, which has enjoyed a long history of rich subsidies in this province. On this page you will find some simple resources to help you craft a response to the government’s discussion paper and to spread the word to your friends and colleagues about participating in this review.

Monday, Sept. 16th is the deadline for comments on the government’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) Review and Conservation First Discussion paper.  Make your voice heard on these critical issues!

LTEP submission form

Conservation First submission form

What you can do: