Party platforms – Energy

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Close the aging and risky Pickering Nuclear Plant Signing contracts for nuclear refurbishment without knowing the final price tag or seeing the business case will only push costs even higher for consumers. That’s just not acceptable. – response to OCAA questionnaire Canceling the refurbishment of expensive nuclear plants and purchasing low cost water power will save Ontario $1 billion per year.
Implement Conservation First strategy

Ontario’s energy system will be a North American leader in efficiency and conservation by reducing average household energy use by 15 per cent.

We will give energy ratepayers more tools to lower their bills, depending on the time of day they use electricity. We will help them pay for energy-saving technology by stretching the payments for new investments on their energy bills over a number of years.

We will reduce electricity costs by up to 15 per cent for large users that are making new investments, and by up to 20 per cent for conservation-minded large electricity users.

Stop expensive and counterproductive power subsidies, pare down costly and unnecessary bureaucracy, invest in affordable and clean nuclear and hydroelectric energy, import hydro from Quebec and other jurisdictions as required and take advantage of cheap and abundant natural gas.

Help families install solar panels and make energy efficient retrofits:

This revolving fund would provide homeowners with loans for energy efficient retrofits and the installation of solar panels, which are paid back through energy savings – helping families consume less energy, save money, and help the environment.

$4 billion invested in energy conservation over four years will create at least 56,000 jobs.