Party platforms – Ring of Fire

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Ring of Fire
Implement Regional Strategic Environmenatl Assessment for planning in the Far North n/a Repeal the Far North Act to encourage job creation in the North and development of the Ring of Fire n/a Mining, aggregates and water-taking are all important parts of doing business in Ontario. We want those businesses to succeed by using resources efficiently. It’s time that people who profit from our shared natural resources pay a fair price for the water, aggregates, and minerals they take. Your Green MPPs will push the government to increase royalties and levies for mining, aggregates and  water-taking. The people of Ontario should receive our fair share of revenues from natural resources.
Plan for infrastructure to maximize benefits and minimize environmental impacts We will invest $1 billion in infrastructure to support smart, sustainable and collaborative development in the Ring of Fire area. n/a The NDP will create jobs now by accelerating Ring of Fire infrastructure investment and promoting revenue-sharing with communities and First Nations. We will create value-added jobs by ensuring resources are processed in Ontario.