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Funding for new transit and operations

We will create two dedicated funds: one for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), with up to $15 billion available for investment in transit; and one for the rest of the province with nearly $14 billion available for investment in roads, bridges, transit and other critical infrastructure.

The funds will be from dedicated sources of revenue:

  • Dedicated gas tax, and HST on gas tax: $14.54 billion or 50.3%
  • New revenues: $1.49 billion or 5.2%
  • Asset optimization: $3.15 billion or 10.9%
  • Federal Building Canada Plan: $2.55 billion or 8.8%
  • Provincial borrowing: $7.17 billion or 24.8%
We will do it without raising taxes by making transit the top priority in the province’s existing annual $12-billion capital budget. We will provide additional capital dollars by investing the surpluses that come from our aggressive plan to balance the budget, demanding better value and better service from current operators and their unions, having the private sector play a greater role to deliver value, and using money in our proposed Ontario Transportation Trust. These actions will enable us to dedicate up to $2 billion per year after we balance the budget.

Bring better public transit to cities and towns across Ontario:

We will create a dedicated fund of $29 billion over 10 years for transit and transportation projects across the province, and begin flowing funds immediately. 

The GPO will work with other parties to implement dedicated revenue tools that are fair and progressive,  such as congestion charges, gas taxes and parking fees, to raise $3 billion a year to build and operate transit in communities across Ontario.
Service improvments

This investment will introduce train service every 15 minutes on all GO lines

We will invest in high-speed rail service between southwestern Ontario and Toronto, through London and Kitchener-Waterloo.

We will put the province in charge of all rail-based transit and major highways in the GTA and we will better connect Toronto and the “905 region”.

Get new and replacement buses on the road in cities and towns:

This will provide support for up to 127 municipalities across Ontario for the purchase of new and replacement buses.

We will boost transit investment by $250 million annually to kick start priority transit projects

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Using development charges to pay for transit expansion Ensure new residential development projects provide more revenue for transit. n/a n/a n/a