Help farmers and landowners safeguard and expand habitat for Ontario’s hundreds of endangered plants and animals

  • Support innovative incentive programs, such as Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS), and product certification, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, to reward good habitat management.
  • Develop expert field support services that can offer practical assistance to landowners and managers looking to manage their lands sustainably.
  • Develop a “safe harbour” mechanism so that farmers and landowners know they will retain control over the lands they are stewarding for endangered species.

A province as rich and sophisticated as Ontario should not have more than 200 species facing the risk of extinction. Sometimes all it takes is delaying the mowing of a hayfield by a few weeks to make a difference for a species at risk. We can work with landowners and land managers to find solutions that work for species and them.

Most landowners want to do the right thing and protect endangered species. But they need help in understanding the species’ needs and adapting operations or land management to accommodate the species that share their land. It’s not just about rules and regulations, it’s about knowledge sharing and guidance to help landowners do what comes naturally – protecting species.

Ontario has one of the best endangered species laws in Canada, but we need more than words on paper to protect species. We need hands-on assistance for land managers in identifying and conserving critical habitat, greater habitat restoration efforts, and assurances for land owners that protecting endangered species will be a benefit and not a burden by providing greater recognition of good stewardship.