Protect electricity consumers from the high costs of nuclear power by removing the cap on green energy and conservation

  • Notify Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power that they will not be allowed to pass cost overruns associated with their future nuclear projects onto the province’s electricity consumers or taxpayers.
  • Allow green energy to replace aging nuclear stations and don’t let expensive nuclear plants block the growth of green energy and jobs.

Investing in new nuclear plants is the equivalent of buying gigantic mainframe computers instead of a bunch of laptops. It is a costly and inflexible solution to meeting our electricity needs. Every nuclear project in Ontario’s history has gone massively over budget. On average, nuclear units have cost two-and-a-half times the projected cost to get built and projects always end up being completed years behind schedule. Plus, nuclear costs are only going to continue to rise as safety and security requirements increase.

Meanwhile, technologies like wind and solar are moving in the opposite direction: costs are falling and efficiency is improving. These are the technologies of tomorrow – clean, safe and easy to install. They are the “laptops” of the electricity world. Our competitors, including the United States and China, are betting billions on green power. Thanks to the Green Energy Act, Ontario is now riding this green power wave with jobs, manufacturing, and new income sources for farmers, companies and homeowners. We need to stay on the path to a clean electricity sector and not get sidetracked with yesterday’s technology.